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Conditions of Membership

Only South African accommodation establishment owners/managers may become participating members of Hospitality Stats-on-Line. Proof of ownership/management of one or more accommodation establishments is required on registration. In the case of FEDHASA / NAA participating members, registration is complimentary. Non FEDHASA / NAA participating membership and fees apply to a single accommodation establishment only and the minimum 12 month membership fee is required to be paid in advance. For all participating members, an option to renew or cancel your subscription will be made available two months prior to the end of your current membership.

Monthly Figures

By becoming a participating member you are agreeing to provide data covering your establishment’s monthly room sales and net average room rate over the period of your membership. As a condition of membership, all of the monthly figures disclosed to Hospitality Stats-on-Line are required to be accurate and factual and provided by no later than the 10th day of the following month.

Access to Reports

Please Note - The current consolidated monthly reports will only be made available to members who have submitted the previous month’s establishment results. As soon as you submit your establishment results for the previous month, the programme will automatically allow you access to the consolidated reports. If you have not provided your figures for the previous month, you will unfortunately not be permitted access to the reports.

Copyright Protected

Members may download as many of the monthly reports, in any desired combination, and as often as is required. However releasing, selling and or providing any data obtained from Hospitality Stats-on-Line, in any form, to a non accommodation business, entity, company, organisation and or to any type or form of media, or directly or indirectly permitting the publication of any of the data provided by Hospitality Stats-on-Line to the public, is strictly prohibited and is an offence under the Berne Copyright Convention. Copyright is reserved. All rights are reserved. 2009 © FEDHASA

Accuracy of Reports

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in the monthly reports. However, as they are provided at the discretion of the various individual participating members, they cannot be guaranteed and therefore neither Hospitality Stats-on-Line, FEDHASA nor any other related entity shall have any liability to any person or entity who relies on or makes use of the information contained in the various reports. All information provided by Hospitality Stats-on-Line is used at the member’s risk.

Security & Confidentiality

Data received from each participating member will be held in complete confidence at all times and will not be disclosed either as a whole or in part to any person or persons, other than the establishments designated person or persons and will not be used by Hospitality Stats-on-Line for any purpose other than in the inclusive preparation and publication of the monthly reports.

No data will be published or made available in any province, region or town and for any sector unless a minimum of three establishments are members within each category. This will protect the identity and the statistical information provided by each and every subscriber to Hospitality Stats-on-Line.