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How Does It Work?

The two figures we require from participating members once a month are:

(1) Total rooms sold for the month

(2) The net average room rate for the month

Everything is accomplished on line and totally automated. No emails, phone calls or faxes. You will need to take note that it is a condition of “participating membership” that you add your two figures once a month. Failing to do so will prevent you from viewing the monthly reports.

Once you are a registered and authorised participating member you enter your private and confidential establishment webpage by using your coded password and username. You then enter the two figures in the appropriate column on or before the 10th day of the following month and download. The data is then automatically processed and allocated to the monthly consolidated reports, by establishment category and by town, region, province and nationally, for the month in question.

Rest assured that no other public or private sector persons or organisations, member or general web-browser is able to access your establishment figures and nor are these figures published independently of the consolidated reports in any form or manner. The automated and coded system totally protects your establishment data and allocates them to the appropriate consolidated reports together with those of all of the other contributing members. As an added benefit your data is allocated to your own unit statistics at the top of your confidential establishment page.