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Security and Confidentiality

The most significant advantage that Hospitality Stats-on-Line provides its participating members is the security and confidentiality of information and data. Many tourism organisations attempt to collect statistics from their members but in most cases with little or no success. Although everyone agrees that these stats are vital and invaluable, not everyone is prepared to participate. Understandably, many accommodation establishment owners are not comfortable with their private average room rates and occupancies being banded about for all to see.

Thanks to modern technology, Hospitality Stats-on-Line has totally overcome this challenge. The system generates a private, secure and totally confidential independent web-page for each and every member, accessed solely by coded and protected usernames and passwords. Only you can access your webpage, only you can enter your stats and only you can view your independent unit results.

You can rest assured that no statistical data will be published or made available in any region, province or town and for any accommodation sector unless a minimum of three participating members exist within each category and area. This will ensure that your establishment’s monthly figures cannot be accessed or extracted independently from the overall results in a particular province, region or town.

It is also important to note that if there are three member establishments in total in a particular town but only one or two in each accommodation category, a report will still be produced providing results for the town but not for each category or type of establishment. Once again, in order to protect your own establishment figures.