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Who are we?

Hospitality Stats-on-Line is owned by the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa [FEDHASA] and administered for and on behalf of the Association by Peter Cumberlege.

Founded in 1949, a restructured and transformed FEDHASA is recognised by Government as the official representative of the hospitality industry in Southern Africa. With industry support, FEDHASA remains the umbrella association for hotels, restaurants, conference centres, caterers, self-catering accommodation, backpackers, home hosting establishments (B&Bs and guest houses), clubs, taverns, shebeens, suppliers and trainers, consultants and service providers to the hospitality industry.

In addition to administering Hospitality Stats-on-Line, Peter provides a legislative consulting service to the Federated Hospitality Association of Southern Africa [FEDHASA]. Amongst others, he monitors national and provincial legislative issues likely to impact the hospitality industry and represents the industry to government on many of these key matters.